Reclaimed Wood Beam

Beams & Mantles

Before industrialization and saw mills in the mid 19th century, support beams were hand carved and shaped for placement in barns and buildings. The technique known as “Hand Hewn” involved skilled woodworkers using a broad axe and basic hand toolsRead more

Reclaimed siding for accent wall


Driving through the countryside, one can see the distinguishing look of a vibrant red barn against a sea of green vegetation. The siding on the barn has a story of its own, withstanding sun, rain, snow, wind and time. TheRead more

Reclaimed wood planks


Despite being walked on for over a century, old wood flooring still has plenty of life in it after being cleaned, prepped, and repurposed. Protected from the elements by the siding and roof, the thicker and sturdier floor and supportRead more

CITY: 2349 W. Grand Ave.

Reclaimed Wood Chicago is now downtown! Visit our Design & Build Center in West Town to see our selection of vintage wood.

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SUBURBS: 1018 Carolina Dr. in West Chicago

Centrally located in West Chicago near Routes 59 and 64 (North Ave). (~55 minutes from Downtown).

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About Reclaimed Wood Chicago

We believe in giving old wood a new life. The authentic depth and character of distressed wood can only be achieved through decades of weathering the elements. Repurposing this wood is a green choice, and it creates unique tones and textures in any room.